Norris: Formula 1 return will ‘shock’ body

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris warns that returning to racing F1 cars will be a huge "shock" for the body.

Lando Norris warns that returning to racing F1 cars will be a huge "shock" for the body.

Lando Norris says even the “fittest guy” in the world couldn’t prepare for the “shock” to the body that returning to racing will bring.

Although the first 10 rounds of the original 2020 F1 schedule have been called off, there are plans to get the season underway in just over two months’ time with the Austrian Grand Prix on July 5.

No plans have been announced regarding what chance teams and drivers would get in order to refamiliarise themselves with the cars before this date though – there has been no Formula 1 action since pre-season testing concluded in February.

And Norris admits that no exercise at home can replicate the impact which driving a Formula 1 car has on the body.

“I’ve been focusing on the things I can focus on, which is my training, physically, trying to keep that up from pre-season testing, especially because when you go back into driving, it’s going to be a shock for the body,” he said in an Instagram live video on the official F1 page.

“To be able to go from doing nothing – not even testing or driving an F3 car or any car of any sort – it’s literally going from driving a road car, and I’ve not even done that that much, to jumping into one of the fastest cars in the world, pulling x amount of G-forces around the corner. It’s a big shock.

“The body changes and gets used to driving a car. You can do all the training you want at home (with) the neck exercises, but the movement when you jump in a Formula 1 car … you can’t replicate identically in training.

“It’s a shock to everyone’s body – you can be one of the fittest guys in Formula 1 or the world, but it’s still tough on the human body.”

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