Norris pinpoints his main area of improvement

Date published: February 20 2020 - Mark Scott

Lando Norris warns that returning to racing F1 cars will be a huge "shock" for the body.

Lando Norris is prioritising races over qualifying when it comes to targeting a main area of improvement for the 2020 season.

Norris was part of a very strong rookie class in 2019 alongside Alexander Albon and George Russell, accumulating 49 points over the course of the campaign with 11 top 10 finishes.

In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, Norris looked ahead to the new season and gave an insight into what his targets are for 2020.

“Not really,” Norris replied when asked if he will have a change of approach from his rookie year.

“I have more confidence in myself, last year I didn’t know what to expect. At the first GP I just hoped that everything was going well, but now I know the aspects on which to improve. I know my potential and I have clearer goals.

“Carlos has also gained confidence over the course of the season and finished very well. I am sure he will open the season in the same way as he did last year, or be even stronger.”

On those aspects to improve, he added: “In qualifying I did a good job considering it was my first season, but the races were more complex for me.

“I realise that every lap must be good and you have to adapt a good strategy. You have to think of many things like tyres, fuel, communication with the team – it’s a bigger game than the qualifying lap.

“And that’s exactly what we still have to work on, the many details that are in the race.”

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