Norris helps McLaren pack up ‘to create memories’

Jon Wilde
Lando Norris and members of the McLaren team during their track walk for the Turkish Grand Prix

Lando Norris and members of the McLaren team during their track walk for the Turkish Grand Prix

Lando Norris has revealed the reason why he helps McLaren dismantle his car after a race is purely in the interests of team spirit.

The 21-year-old Briton has been pictured getting involved with the packing-up process following a grand prix, lending a hand rather than chilling out with a drink in the team’s paddock building.

It is all part of the process, Norris says, of creating unity to boost McLaren in their quest to achieve this season’s goal of finishing third in the constructors’ World Championship.

With three races remaining, the Woking-based constructor are fourth in the standings, five points behind the Racing Point team who had 15 deducted earlier in the season as part of their punishment for the ‘copying’ controversy.

Asked about getting stuck in with the team post-race, Norris said, quoted by Auto Motor und Sport: “It’s not something I have to do. I do it because I enjoy it, because we laugh together, because we create memories. I enjoy that.

“As a bonus, they do their job faster. If I help, they will be ready earlier and can go to the hotel and relax sooner.

“A few years ago, the atmosphere and mentality in the team weren’t as good as they are today. I think what I did played a part in getting us there.

“But I don’t ask that of others now. It’s something I enjoy doing and something that brings benefits.”

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Norris recently spoke of the “nerves and anxiety” he had suffered during his first year of Formula 1 and has helped to promote the work of mental health charity Mind.

He said that while away from his family and friends, he takes comfort from talking with the team members he is closest to – and helping them after races is one way of giving a bit back.

Asked what had been the most important lesson he had learned in nearly two years of Formula 1, Norris said: “Working with the team. My performance engineer, my race engineer, my engine engineer.

“They are there to help me and I have to support them the other way around. I have to get the maximum out of my group so that I can deliver the maximum.”

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