Norris open to staying at McLaren for life

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris McLaren

Lando Norris open to staying at McLaren for his full career.

As long as it is a competitive McLaren, Lando Norris would love to spend his career as a one-team driver.

Norris has turned into a real success story since McLaren brought him into Formula 1 back in 2019, with two podium finishes now to his name.

He has emerged as the lead McLaren driver in 2021 as the team look to plot their way back to the front of the grid, and the reward has arrived in the form of multi-year contract extension.

His goal is to fight for wins and titles in the future, so as long as McLaren can make that happen down the road, then Norris would be more than happy to spend his entire career there.

“It depends, if we get to a point where we’re competitive and we’re winning races and so on, then I see absolutely no reason why not,” he said, as quoted by The Race.

“And at the moment there’s nothing more I would love than to stay here, stay with McLaren, and keep progressing and keep improving to try and achieve that.

“I’m happy to spend some years doing so, but yeah, at the same time I do want to win races, and go for championships and stuff.”

Lando Norris signs multi-year McLaren deal

McLaren have announced Lando Norris has signed a “multi-year” contract extension with the team, confirming their line-up for 2022 in the process.

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“That’s my goal, that’s what I want to achieve by the time I finish in Formula 1,” he continued.

“It’s not something I’m saying, ‘Next year or a couple of years after, we are going to be winning that’. I’m just hoping we’ll be even closer than where we are now.

“I’m happy. It’s not like I’m saying to the guys, ‘We need this next year and if it’s not, I’m leaving’.

“I’m happy to stick around for those for these few years and keep plugging away, keep working hard towards it, because I think that will make it even sweeter, it will be a better story. It’ll just make it even more special.

“It’s not saying that I want that in the next few years, but it’s just more of an end goal.”

And to that point, while of course success is ultimately what a Formula 1 driver chases, Norris said that loyalty is also a “huge part” of his relationship with McLaren.

“As much as I want to win races and win championships and so on, the other thing that’s just as important to me, is making sure I enjoy where I am,” he added.

“I’m sure I would enjoy wherever I go, meeting new people and so on. But getting along with people and having those friendships, and those relationships with people like all my mechanics, my engineers, everyone back in the factory. Everything works so well and I love it. It’s so easy for me.

“There’s nothing more I’d like than to continue being where I am. I love it, I’m enjoying it a lot and I’m having fun. That means maybe more than success.

“If I didn’t like the position I was in then I would want to change that.

“I just want to enjoy my life and make the most of it. And a lot of that is down to being with the people you like to work with, you enjoy working with and so on. It’s writing a story together and having a history together.”

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