Norris took pay cut to protect McLaren staff

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris

Lando Norris says intense calendar will push drivers while they get used to driving an F1 car again.

Lando Norris says taking a pay cut was the “best thing” he could have done to protect the jobs of his McLaren colleagues.

McLaren have become the first Formula 1 team to take financial action during the coronavirus pandemic.

Both Norris and his team-mate Carlos Sainz took voluntary pay cuts, while McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown and other senior figures accepted temporary pay cuts.

The McLaren Group has also placed some of its staff on a two-month furlough as part of the UK Government’s job retention scheme.

Norris says voluntarily taking the pay cut was the right thing to do to protect the jobs of his McLaren colleagues.

“It’s the best thing for all of us – including myself – at the moment to make sure that everyone can continue their jobs when we get back to being able to go to work,” Norris explained in Sky Sports F1’s latest Vodcast.

“It’s a sad time for drivers, staff and everyone in Formula 1.

“So many girls and guys who work so hard over so many years and over the winter to build a car and everything and you get to the point when everything is just put on hold.

“I hope not, but we might not be able to do much this year – maybe we won’t even do some races.

“To see everyone sitting at home when we love to be working on the car, finding lap time and trying to win races is a sad time for everyone.

“But it’s the best thing we can do for our team to make sure that when we can get back to work everyone can get back to work and everything can return and go back to normally, basically, instead of things having to change.”

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