‘Please don’t’ – Lando Norris responds to ‘bold’ fan promise if key F1 milestone is achieved

Jamie Woodhouse
Lando Norris in the media pen.

Lando Norris talks to the media.

Lando Norris found himself chatting with a superfan over the radio, but was left far from comfortable with the promise of getting a tattoo of Norris’ face should he become World Champion.

Norris got the world of Formula 1 talking with his huge upset victory at the Miami Grand Prix, that representing the Brit’s first win at long last, on what was his 110th grand prix start.

‘Please don’t’ – Lando Norris not liking face tattoo idea

But after the wild celebrations and a free weekend to unwind, now it is back to business as Norris prepares for a fresh battle at Imola, where all eyes are on him to find out whether the upgraded McLaren MCL38 which he drove to victory in Miami is now a genuine match for the Red Bull RB20.

Before that though, Norris made an appearance on the BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast show, where he and presenter Greg James indulged in a game of ‘Unpopular Opinion’, said unpopular opinions provided by the listeners for Norris’ reaction.

And one of the unpopular opinions snowballed in a rather major way, stemming from listener Emma’s contribution of: “Having an F1 tattoo is an ick.”

It was actually her partner David who is the huge Norris fan, as she revealed that he currently has Norris’ signature LN logo tattooed on his leg, a “bold” move as Norris put it. Not as bold though as potentially adding a Norris face tattoo to the collection.

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With the phone passed over to David, Norris asked: “What made you decide to get this tattoo then?”

“Because you’re the reason that got me into F1 and you’re my favourite driver on the grid, so I had to get it on my leg,” he replied.

This, plus Norris’ shock Miami triumph, gave Greg James an idea to raise the stakes from there, as he looked to agree a deal with David that should Norris become World Champion – an achievement which many think is in Norris’ future – he would get a tattoo of Norris’ face. “Yeah, why not?” David replied.

Because Norris really hates the idea, perhaps?

“I would say I like it, I don’t,” Norris replied.

“Do not get my face tattooed on you. Please don’t.”

David also offered Norris a free ride in a tank, like you do, whenever he wanted, Norris joking that he should “take that to Silverstone and if Max [Verstappen] is leading you can use it”.

Despite that Norris-inflicted setback, Verstappen still comfortably leads the Drivers’ Championship with a buffer of 33 points over Red Bull team-mate Sergio Perez in P2.

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