Lando Norris predicts ‘close’ quali with ‘small things’ set to have big impact

Sam Cooper
Lando Norris ahead of Lance Stroll

Lando Norris finished first and third in the day's two practice sessions.

Having topped FP1, Lando Norris is predicting a “close” qualifying session in Spain with “small things” set to have a big impact.

Speaking on Thursday, Norris hinted that this weekend was Red Bull’s to lose but after a good showing from McLaren and other teams, the Briton suggested it could be tight come quali on Saturday.

Lando Norris predicts ‘close’ quali after Friday running

Norris started the day in the perfect fashion by topping the first practice session and even though he was not able to repeat the feat in FP2, his P3 was enough to give him confidence for the weekend ahead.

“I think [it’s been] a pretty good day,” he reflected. “Never easy in these hot conditions, it never feels amazing. The tyres overheat very quickly so it’s difficult to get everything in a perfect window but I think all in all, it’s a good start to the weekend.

“I felt pretty comfortable with the car from the beginning so it’s close and it’s going to be about trying to improve small things tomorrow because I’m sure it’s going be close again like it was in Canada.”

Pressed on what areas he felt had improved the most, Norris said there was not on particular aspect but said the team were looking to improve “a little bit in every area.”

“You’re just trying to improve a little bit in every area,” he said. “Maybe some will be a little bit easier than others, but it’s for tonight, it’s what we talk about now and discuss it and see what we can improve for tomorrow.”

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On Thursday, Norris suggested he now expected the team to be good at all circuits given their performance so far.

“We’ve been good at all of them so far so I don’t expect things to probably change too much,” he said of the races to come. “I just expect it to be close between Ferrari, Red Bull probably a bit more back to where they should be. Ferrari after last weekend, more back to where they should be.


“I think we’ve been the most consistent. Obviously, we’ve strengthened certain places, but we’ve just been a very good all rounder so far which over a course of a season is exactly what we want and is a good strength from where we were last year where we were very up and down.

“But at no point, I would say we’ve been the outright absolute best through a whole weekend. So that’s something we still need to work on and we still need to work to have a quicker car.”

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