Norris has ‘got rid’ of social media: ‘It sucks’

Mark Scott
Lando Norris Monaco 2021 PA

Lando Norris made his engineer very nervous in Monaco.

McLaren driver Lando Norris has said he has “got rid” of social media – but still has “a minion”, as he jokingly put it, to update his platforms for him.

Norris has helped attract a younger audience to Formula 1 since joining the grid in 2019 and that was aided by his social media accounts which have amassed a huge following over the years.

He has over one million followers on Twitter, over three million on Instagram and over 350,000 have ‘liked’ his Facebook page. But, while Norris was a very active social media user, that is now no longer the case.

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“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, still having good laughs and a good time with my team,” Norris said when asked in an interview with Channel 4 if he wasn’t fooling around as much as he used to do.

“But there is also just a lot of focus on the job itself.

“I’m still that guy, it’s more showing the other side, me working hard, putting a lot of time and effort into things, and having the results that I’ve had this season so far.

“That is why I got rid of social media.”

Asked if he had got rid of social media completely, Norris replied: “Well I’m still on it, But I never look at it.

“My profile is on it but I have a minion, a guy who works for me and types away pretending to be me.

“But I’m away from all that, it sucks.”

Norris also spoke about his feelings after agreeing a new multi-year contract extension with McLaren, reflecting on the “cool journey” the pair had been on getting them back towards the front of the grid.

He said: “I’m super happy, proud, I like to continue with McLaren and it’s nice to see that they have the confidence and they are backing me more.

“It’s been a cool journey so far from where we were four years ago, I’ve been through that whole journey with the team.

“Towards the bottom almost, seeing the team in that position to where we are now, all the smiles on people’s faces, a lot more motivation in the team, a much happier team, more determined. I want to continue that.

“I’m hoping that when we can reach the top and reach that end goal of being those few positions higher, racing with Mercedes and Red Bull and going for those wins, I think it will make it even sweeter and even more special.”

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