Lando Norris smashes Max Verstappen’s trophy as Lewis Hamilton vents – F1 news round-up

Jamie Woodhouse
Max Verstappen walks past Lewis Hamilton. Hungary, Budapest July 2023.

Max Verstappen walks past Lewis Hamilton after qualifying at the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix.

It was another action-packed day in Formula 1, and a potentially expensive one for Lando Norris, on Grand Prix Sunday in Hungary.

Lewis Hamilton was unable to turn pole into a podium finish, never mind victory, clearing the way for Max Verstappen to claim his most dominant victory of F1 2023 yet, giving Red Bull their record 12th win in a row.

That being said, Verstappen does not have the pristine trophy to show for it, thanks to Norris!

So, let us dive into the key talking points from this day in the world of Formula 1

McLaren facing a bill for Max Verstappen’s shattered trophy?

Norris’ trademark bottle celebration is very much his go-to when it comes to his podium appearances, but this one went very wrong, well, for Verstappen it did.

As Norris hit the champagne bottle on the podium top step near Verstappen’s P1 trophy, it would fall and shatter on the floor below. Oops!

Norris got a “red card” from Verstappen for that one after jokingly claiming it was Verstappen’s fault, the Dutchman saying this one will come out of McLaren CEO Zak Brown’s pocket.

That was also a joke, we hope!

“I will go to Zak [Brown, McLaren CEO] because he has got some spare money for the personnel in the team, so he can spend it on a trophy,” Verstappen said with a smile in front of the Sky F1 cameras.

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Lewis Hamilton feels Verstappen pushed him wide at start

Hamilton understandably was not a happy bunny at the Hungaroring as his hopes of claiming a record ninth win at the venue faded fast.

During the race it was Mercedes who felt the brunt of his frustrations, the seven-time champ shocked as he was dropped by the McLarens ahead and later asking whether Mercedes had turned his engine down.

And then speaking after the race, he argued that Verstappen pushed him wide as he took the lead at the start, that leaving the door open for McLaren drivers Norris and Oscar Piastri as he went from P1 to P4 in the opening corners.

“Max was on the inside and he ran me wide and I got done by the two McLarens. So definitely not a great start, kind of reminiscent of 2015 when I fell back from first,” Hamilton told Sky F1.

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Mercedes second-fastest car despite no podium finish?

That is the belief of team boss Toto Wolff, who despite seeing Red Bull and McLaren account for the Hungarian GP podium spots, believes that Mercedes actually had the fastest challenger behind Red Bull’s all-conquering RB19.

“I think we had the second quickest car,” Wolff told Sky F1, with George Russell going from a P18 grid slot to crossing the line P6, two positions behind Hamilton.

And Russell also believes that Mercedes are a match for their customer team McLaren, even if the leaderboard in Hungary did not necessarily reflect that.

“I’d say we’re maybe equal second with McLaren,” he suggested to Sky F1.

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Ted Kravitz calls out Lewis Hamilton’s Red Bull DRS claim

It was after claiming pole in Hungary that Hamilton drew attention to the Drag Reduction System on the Red Bull RB19.

After being hailed earlier in the season for the mighty advantage which it was seemingly giving them versus the systems on rival cars, Hamilton questioned where that advantage had gone?

But, Sky F1’s pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz had his doubts over Hamilton’s claim that Red Bull’s DRS advantage was disappearing.

“I’m not sure that’s ultimately true. But Lewis certainly wants to put that out there and get the media to investigate that,” said Kravitz on his Sky F1 ‘Ted’s Notebook’ programme.

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Lewis Hamilton also receives response on Red Bull cost cap talk

That was not the only Red Bull claim made by Hamilton which received a coemback, as he had also recently branded Red Bull’s punishment for a minor 2021 cost cap breach, that being a $7 million fine and 10 per cent reduction in wind tunnel time, a “slap on the wrist”.

The FIA has come out with a firm statement to shut down rumours that further cost cap breaches are coming for the 2022 figures, but Hamilton had said he would not be shocked if the rumours were true, since Red Bull’s penalty has not had an impact on their on-track success.

Horner felt such talk is easy when not in the leading position where Red Bull find themselves.

“It’s always easy to throw shade when you’re not performing,” Horner told Sky F1. “It’s one of the things in Formula One that will always continue to happen.”

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