Lando Norris makes bold claim about strength of McLaren lineup

Sam Cooper
McLaren's Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri

Lando Norris also suggested he could stay at McLaren for the next "10 to 15 years."

Lando Norris has suggested McLaren have the strongest driving pairing after his team-mate Oscar Piastri signed a new deal.

The McLaren boys are confirmed for at least the end of 2025 with both drivers now tied to longer deals and given their average age of 22.5, they could be racing in Formula 1 for decades to come.

But Norris has argued it is not just potential they have, suggesting they are the “strongest” lineup on the grid.

Lando Norris hints at long McLaren stay

While the future of Norris is one of the more talked about off-track topics, Piastri was in the headlines this week as he confirmed he will be staying with McLaren until at least the end of 2026.

Asked for his thoughts following his team-mate’s new deal, Norris said “he’s done everything he’s needed to.”

“First, I mean, congrats to him,” Norris said. “I think any contract that allows you to be longer in Formula 1 is a great thing.

“He’s performed, he’s done everything he’s needed to, and probably, I think, exceeded most people’s expectations from what he’s been able to achieve already this season.

“He’s pushed me a lot and it’s not a nice thing. It’s not what I want. But he’s done a really good job. So congrats to him for another few years.

“We’ve had a fun first half of the season and it’s a lot of progress and I think for him to be part of that progress and to hopefully continue that into next year, ’25 and ‘26 for himself, is going to be something to look forward to.”

Norris was then asked how good the McLaren duo were compared to the rest of the grid and he replied “the strongest.” recommends

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As for his own future, Norris was pressed on his words that any Formula 1 extension is a good contract and suggested he would be happy racing at McLaren for “10 to 15 years” should they be competitive.

“There are always things every now and then,” he said. “I would love to. I’ve always said I want to win with McLaren and I think we’re getting closer and closer to achieving that. Not just to win races but win championships, both Driver and Constructor. I want to do it with McLaren. I’m very happy there.

“So if I was to spend 10 or 15 years there I’m not going to ever say no. I think that’s something I would look forward to. But I’m very much just concentrated on this year, next year and ’25. I think that’s two-and-a-half years to try and progress and we’ll see then. But things [crop up] every now and then but nothing more than that.”

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