Lando Norris tipped to be ‘pretty brutal in F1 driver market’

Michelle Foster
Lando Norris serious look as he side eyes. Bahrain February 2023

Lando Norris has been linked to Red Bull and Mercedes.

In demand with two of Formula 1’s top teams vying for his services, Le Mans winner Richard Bradley believes Lando Norris is going to be “pretty brutal in the driver market” in the years to come.

Although there were signs of Norris’ ability when he destroyed Daniel Ricciardo in their two seasons together at McLaren, the caveat on that was always the Aussie’s troubles adapting to McLaren’s F1 cars.

However, this year any questions about whether Norris could be a future Formula 1 World Champion have been answered with the Briton finishing runner-up to Max Verstappen four times.

Lando Norris linked to Red Bull and Mercedes

That’s a tally that is only matched by the World Champion’s team-mate Sergio Perez despite the Mexican driver also being behind the wheel of the imperious RB19.

It has led to speculation that Red Bull could knock hard on that door, wanting Norris to be Verstappen’s next team-mate.

That, though, is unlikely to happen given Norris is contracted to McLaren until the end of 2025.

The Woking team is keen on keeping him around for longer, team boss Andrea Stella telling Speedcafe they are “certainly having conversations with Lando”. He said they’re “good” talks too.

But with Norris showing himself as a driver who could win grands prix and fight for World titles, he could have the final say with at least two rival teams reportedly interested.

Linked to Red Bull of late and Mercedes earlier this season, Norris has said that while that’s “interesting”, he’s “happy” at McLaren.

Bradley has tipped him to play a big role in the driver market come 2026.

“I think Lando is going to be pretty brutal in the driver market. And obviously Red Bull, are talking about him,” he told the latest On Track GP podcast. recommends

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As such the Le Mans LMP2 winner reckons when it comes down to it, Norris will finish his career with more World titles than either Charles Leclerc or George Russell.

Explaining that he thinks Leclerc is a lifer at Ferrari with the “drama” that goes with that and Russell too can be a bit too emotional, he reckons Norris at the right team could win multiple titles.

Asked which of the three could top the title tally, he replied: “I gotta go Lando. I think Lando will.

“I think that Charles in a position where he seems like he’s going to be a long-time Ferrari driver. He’s going to be a career Ferrari driver, I think.

“Okay we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but I get that feeling he is very indebted to, or not indebted, but connected to that brand.

“I just think that Lando has this ability and he just gets on with it quietly and there’s a lot less drama, potential drama, that would surround Lando.

“Whereas George, I always feel that there could be a little bit of emotion that could come into it and and have an effect on something. I think we have seen that a few times over his career, not often, we’re talking minute details here.

“But Lando, for me, just seems calm, gets on with the job, the military precision.”

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