Lando Norris’ unconventional way of finding out about Lewis Hamilton’s Ferrari move

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Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton side by side

Lando Norris may have been one of the last people to know about Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari.

Lando Norris may have been one of the last people to know about Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, informed of the news on a bus trip back from a caving holiday in Vietnam.

As Formula 1 reeled from the news that Hamilton would leave Mercedes at the end of this season to race for Ferrari, Norris was enjoying his time off ahead of the new season as he went caving with friends.

Visiting the Son Doong cave in Vietnam, the biggest cave in the world, the McLaren driver embraced his downtime by switching off his phone.

Lando Norris was shocked to hear Lewis Hamilton had signed with Ferrari

That meant he only heard about Hamilton’s move days later and revealed he first thought the friend who told him about it was joking.

He wasn’t with Norris, like many others, shocked to hear the news.

“I mean it was a shock to everyone, I’m sure,” Norris told the official F1 website in a video on X.

“I was caving in Vietnam so I was without my phone for four days. When I got out of the cave, and I was sleeping on the bus on the way home and my friend’s gone, ‘Oh Lewis is driving for Ferrari!’

“I’ve just gone, ‘Ah, shut up’. I didn’t believe him, I just thought he was trying to wake me up.

“Everyone got back on their phones and I was like, ‘Actually I’m going to leave my phone off and make the most of my life without a phone for a little bit’.

“And it turned out to be true and he was telling the truth.

“It was a bit of a surprise and a bit of a back-to-reality of news and all of this stuff so I was happy to get away from it.

“But yeah, exciting news.” recommends

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Four big reasons why Lewis Hamilton ditched Mercedes for Ferrari

The world was informed of Hamilton’s decision just a week after Norris himself signed a new contract for 2025, the Briton committing his future to his McLaren team.

That means he out of the running for the Mercedes seat, although his team boss Zak Brown says Norris’ early confirmation had little to do with Hamilton and more about making sure no other team could make a play for their driver.

“We were aware that there was potentially some movement, but that didn’t really have anything to do with Lando,” Brown told Sky Sports. “We’d signed him up.

“Previously, we’re just waiting for him to get back to actually make the announcement.

“But we knew that Lando and of course Oscar [Piastri], but we had Oscar signed up for a while, both are hot properties.

“So it was less about knowing specifically what was going on with Lewis and Ferrari and Mercedes as much as knowing Lando is top of everybody’s list and ours included.”

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