‘Very big crash’ In Mexico avoided as Lando Norris makes call to fellow drivers

Jamie Woodhouse
McLaren driver Lando Norris appears to be in thought.

Lando Norris appears to be in thought.

Lando Norris said more “self-awareness” is needed from his fellow F1 drivers after avoiding “two extremely big crashes” in Mexico.

Norris was a worthy winner of the Driver of the Day award at the Mexican Grand Prix, having provided the perfect response to a shock elimination in the Q1 stage of qualifying.

From P17 on the grid, Norris ultimately crossed the line P5 after a stunning recovery drive, making passes on former team-mate Daniel Ricciardo and Mercedes driver George Russell to secure that result.

Lando Norris makes “self-awareness” call to peers

However, Norris revealed that his race came close to going no further than the restart, the Mexican Grand Prix having been red-flagged at near halfway following Kevin Magnussen’s crash.

The Haas driver thankfully was unhurt by his shunt at Turn 9, with Norris revealing that he was nearly involved in a couple of nasty ones due to the actions of fellow drivers at the restart, during which he lost a couple of positions.

Claiming that one of them would have been “very nasty”, Norris demanded greater “self-awareness” from the other drivers.

“I enjoyed the whole thing, apart from my restart,” he told media after the Mexican Grand Prix. “I don’t know if you saw it, but I probably had to avoid a very big crash.

“Just people coming across, not probably realising that people can be three-abreast. So I avoided two extremely big crashes, one would have been very nasty.

“So a bit more self-awareness of some drivers would be great.”

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Fortunately, Norris continued in the race and swiftly began moving up the order once more, the Brit lauding the pace of his McLaren which he said made him the fastest out there bar race winner Max Verstappen and runner-up Lewis Hamilton.

“That’s not why I lost out, I lost out because of a bad start and I lost out even more because of these things, but the pace was amazing,” he continued.

“From already lap 1 there was a lot of management involved, and already when I came over the line first time I got told to cool the engine.

“So we maybe weren’t perfectly set up for these things and I couldn’t maybe push as much as I wanted to at times, but in the times I could, which was a lot of the second stint, the pace was excellent.

“To go from 14th, 15th to fifth, to have better pace than almost everyone bar Hamilton and Max, was very encouraging for us.

“So, that’s of perfect a day as I could probably ask for.”

While their current P4 spot now looks like the strongest position McLaren could achieve in the F1 2023 Constructors’ standings, Norris is in the hunt to continue his assent and challenge for that position in the Drivers’ Championship, the gap to its holder Carlos Sainz currently 14 points with three rounds to go.

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