Lauda hospitalised, back in intensive care

Niki Lauda: Back in intensive care

Niki Lauda: Back in intensive care

Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda is back in intensive care after being diagnosed with flu over the Christmas period.

Lauda had been progressing well with his recovery after undergoing a lung transplant back in August and is targeting the season opener in Australia to make his return to the Formula 1 paddock.

The three-time World Champion had got to the point where he was ready to “throw away” his walking stick, but OE24, one of Austria’s leading news publications, are reporting he is back in hospital in Vienna AKH.

“There was an influenza case in his family, and he is treated to an intensive care unit with us,” said Karin Fehringer, spokeswoman for the AKH, to the media.

The report states that while his immune system is still weak after his operation, the best precaution to take was to place him back in intensive care.

Thankfully, all appears to be well as Lauda is expected to be released from hospital again during the coming week.

Get well soon, Niki!

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