Stroll is ‘not worried about’ Vettel’s ability

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

Ahead of the launch of Aston Martin’s AMR21, Lawrence Stroll has been singing Sebastian Vettel’s praises, saying he is the key to a title challenge.

Dropped by Ferrari last year, Aston Martin team owner Stroll was determined to get the German into one of his cars, paying off Sergio Perez to make room.

Vettel arrives at the team, formerly known as Racing Point, with a wealth of experience that includes 53 race wins and four World titles.

But while he also arrives on the back of his worst season ever in Formula 1, Stroll is adamant the 33-year-old has not “forgotten” how to race.

“Our team has achieved a lot, but something was still missing towards having a say in the awarding of the title,” the Canadian told F1-Insider. “That is our long-term goal.

“Sebastian is a four-time Formula 1 World Champion. He certainly hasn’t forgotten how to drive a racing car. His work ethic is exemplary, everyone in the paddock knows how hard he is working.

“Work ethic, methodology, way of thinking, planning – these are all Vettel’s strengths.

“When a World Champion works for a team, it affects the whole team. They should think and act like champions.

“He helps us reach a new level.”

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The team owner added: “I’m not worried about him. I know him well and I am 100 percent convinced that he will do a fantastic job for us.

“So far I have seen a Sebastian Vettel who is motivated to his fingertips.”

Stroll believes a large part of Vettel’s 2020 troubles was the fact that Ferrari informed him even before the first race of the season that he would be out at the end of the year.

He feels that was “hard” for the German to have to deal with.

He explained: “Sebastian has had an extremely challenging year.

“Every driver would struggle with the fact that before the season starts he will be told that he is no longer wanted.

“It’s hard to digest mentally. And everyone knows how important the mental side of Formula 1 is.”

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