Lawrence Stroll declares ‘when I get very passionate, I win’ as he dreams of ‘future’ title tilts

Michelle Foster
Aston Martin AMR23 front shot.

Front-facing shot of the Aston Martin AMR23.

Aston Martin team owner Lawrence Stroll is dreaming big, telling the world at the launch of the AMR23 that he is creating one of the “greatest F1 teams that will be”.

From bringing in new personnel including former Red Bull aero chief Dan Fallows to building a state-of-the-art factory and wind tunnel, Stroll has invested heavily in the team that he bought back in 2018.

Those investments, though, didn’t pay off last season as F1 heralded the arrival of the new ground effect aerodynamic cars with the team seventh in the Constructors’ Championship.

There were however encouraging signs in the second half of the season with Aston Martin scoring in all but two of the final 11 races.

This season the team has a new lead driver with Fernando Alonso replacing Sebastian Vettel as Lance Stroll’s team-mate, with Aston Martin confident this year’s AMR23 is a step forward on last year’s car.

Declaring he is building “one of the greatest Formula 1 teams that will be”, team owner Stroll says his “passion comes from excitement.

“And when I get excited about something, I get very passionate, and when I get very passionate, I win.”

“The building is one step, the people are another step,” he added. “We already had 400 very talented people that punched above their weight before. We’ve basically doubled that headcount.

“And we’ve added this incredible facility, nothing like it in Formula 1 today. It’s state of the art and doesn’t compare to anything else that exists.” recommends

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The team unveiled the AMR23 on Monday, the car featuring an interesting sidepod design that draws from the championship-winning Red Bull RB19.

The AMR23’s sidepods have similar undercut flow lines while the laid-back radiator inlet are very Red Bull-esque.

It has been called “bold and aggressive” and a “significant evolution” of their previous AMR22.

Stroll is delighted to see the influence on the car that has come from the likes of Fallows, the Canadian dreaming of a “future” World title tilt.

“We’ve already had some extraordinary people in the business, the team was successful before I took it over,” he said.

“But the people we recently brought in with the people we currently had, are bringing this to a whole new level and as I say, looking forward to be fighting for World Championships in the future.

“Formula 1, like any other businesses, is a journey. This will only be our third year in this journey and as I think everybody knows whether it’s Formula 1 or any other business it takes a little longer than three years.

“But the plan this year is to make a step and next year make another step and the year after another step until we’re winning and ultimately fighting for championships.”

Now they just need time, and a little bit of patience.

“The one ingredient we’re missing is a bit of time and there’s no replacement for time,” he admitted.

“But from a managerial executive level, from a personnel level, yes, I believe we have all the right people in place. This building brings a whole new dimension and dynamic to driving towards that success.

“And we just need to be, and I don’t have a great deal of it, patient to get to where we ultimately want to be. We will get there.”