Mock up pictures of the proposed 2021 cars

Leaked pictures of the proposed 2021 cars

Leaked pictures of the proposed 2021 cars

Formula 1 is set to undergo yet another overhaul come 2021 with pictures of the 2021 cars leaked online.

On Tuesday the Formula 1 teams, first the Strategy Group and then the F1 Commission, met with Liberty Media and the FIA to hear their proposals for the 2021 regulations.

The presentations, which were held at Liberty Media’s London headquarters, were “comprehensive and well received by the respective audiences” according to

The report added that the mood in the sessions were described as “positive”.

The proposals related to both sporting and technical regulations as well as a new budget cap and the restructuring of the sport’s prize money payouts.

However, none of the exact details have been leaked to the media with all present sworn to secrecy.

Despite that, there have been some leaks with mock ups of the 2021 cars, as set out in Liberty Media’s proposal, already online.

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