Lengthy wait for Alonso’s next career move

Fernando Alonso: Will take time over next move

Fernando Alonso: Will take time over next move

Fernando Alonso has said that he wants time to think about his next career move and it won’t be until at least October before he decides.

The Belgian Grand Prix will represent the start of Alonso’s farewell tour from Formula 1 after deciding to quit the sport because of the “very poor” and “predictable” track action.

McLaren have moved quickly to announce Carlos Sainz as his replacement, but there will not be any immediate announcements from Alonso as he ponders what to do next.

“I’m thinking,” Alonso said. “It’s not what you want to hear today, but I probably cannot be ready for a couple of months.

“It will be October or so, so we are going to have to live with a lot of predictions until then.”

A full season in IndyCar has been widely reported to be the most likely option, and while Alonso enjoyed competing in the Indy 500 last year he is aware that he is still lacking some experience.

He said: “I had a lot of fun at the Indy 500 last year, but I have not driven that car with normal settings on a normal circuit.

“But first I want to take my time to digest my withdrawal from F1, and my priority is the race this weekend.”

Alonso is back on WEC duties with the Six Hours of Silverstone before attention turns back to the Formula 1 calendar.

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