Winning Constructors’ ‘almost better’ than Drivers’

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton has said helping Mercedes to the Constructors’ title is “almost better” than winning the Drivers’ Championship.

Mercedes clinched a record-breaking seventh consecutive Constructors’ Championship with a 1-2 finish at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and Hamilton was honoured to play a part in such a historic achievement.

“It’s a very strange sport in the sense that it is as team sport, but there are two championships and then there is an individual championship, but what is at the core our job is to deliver points and results for the team,” Hamilton said in the post-race press conference at Imola.

“When you win a team championship, I think it’s almost better than an individual because it’s something you do collectively, with a large group of people.

“Whilst we are the ones standing on top of the podium, we are not above anybody. We are on the same level, we are all part of the chain links.

“You can tell that everyone is so happy when they get the constructors’ title. When we do the Christmas party and we celebrate with everyone, everyone just knows that they did a remarkable job and that they have done something that nobody else has done before.

“That’s cool to be a part of. Even if I was to stop today, that would be something that I would be able to share with that large group of people for the rest of my life.”

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That sentiment was very much echoed by Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas, saying he was very proud of every member of the Mercedes team.

“I’m so proud of every single team member, what they’re doing, all the factories and in the race team,” Bottas said.

“We keep raising the bar for every single team member but we do it united. We support each other but the spirit the team has, it’s making these things possible.

“I’m really, really proud to be part of it. I think for all of us in the team, it takes a bit of time to understand what we’re doing and what we are achieving.

“But we should definitely enjoy it because it is amazing, and I’m really proud of everyone.”

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