Lewis Hamilton: How summer break trip to Africa has left him ‘fully transformed’

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton nose stud and earrings. July 2021

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton nose stud and earrings. July 2021

Lewis Hamilton says he is “not the same man I was before” after he spent two weeks travelling through parts of Africa.

The seven-time World Champion made the most of his time away from the track by travelling to Africa where he connected with his “roots” in countries like Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Hamilton has been sharing photos and videos from his trip along with with comments about how the trip has made him feel.

In a post to his Instagram page, the 37-year-old said he felt like he had been “fully transformed” and that he felt his ancestors with him “stronger than I ever have before.”

“These past two weeks have been some of the best days of my entire life,” Hamilton said. “I’m not the same man I was before this trip, all the beauty, love, and peacefulness I experienced has me feeling fully transformed. No amount of photos could capture how I’m feeling now and what I’m trying to say.

“Just know, where words fall short emotions run deep. I connected with my roots and my history and I feel my ancestors with me now stronger than I ever have before. Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania thank you.

“To the people here, the nature and the wildlife thank you. We were welcomed to each beautiful place we visited. We were treated like family. To my brothers who joined me on this journey, thank you. I know we’ll be talking about this forever.


As well as connecting with his roots, Hamilton spent some of his holiday time hot-air ballooning and quad biking, describing the trip as “something I’ve wanted to do for years.”

“This year I’m spending my summer break doing something I’ve wanted to do for years,” Hamilton said on Instagram on August 7. “I’m finally tracing my roots through Africa and guys, to say this journey has been a grounding experience is an understatement.

“This has been a life changing reset. I feel like I have gained a new perspective on life, grown an even stronger love for animals and became even closer with my brothers who I’ve shared this special journey with. Everywhere I look I’m surrounded by so much beauty, and I feel truly re-centred and at peace.

“My first stop was Namibia, one of the most stunning places I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. Words and pictures do not do it justice. The hot air balloon ride was surreal.

“We had to land sideways which is definitely something I’ll never forget. I could not think of a better place to spend this time off. Sending everyone peace and light, I’m off to the next stop.”

That next stop was Rwanda where Hamilton posted a video of himself a few yards away from a gorilla, something that will no doubt have caused the likes of Toto Wolff to panic.


“How does one describe such an experience that leaves you so speechless?” Hamilton asked his Instagram followers. “My second stop was Rwanda. We were welcomed with smiles and music from the beautiful Rwandan people.

“This trip really showed me how diverse and rich in culture it is here. We hiked up through beautiful green fields where children would sing to us and up a volcano where we found Gorillas. What a sight it was to see them in their natural habitat relaxed and protected by the community around them.

“This is where they should be, in their own homes free to live their lives in peace. It was a profound and truly moving experience. I’m in love with this country. Thank you for having us, I can’t wait to come back.”

From there it was onto Kenya and to an animal sanctuary which, along with pictures of him petting giraffes, Hamilton posted a picture with him and his “new best friend” a goat.

Hamilton then went on to spend time with the Kenyan tribe the Pokot people, and said that experience was one he would carry “in my heart forever.”

“I spent time with the Pokot people in Kenya and just to be in their presence was one thing… To be welcomed was something different entirely and a massive honour I don’t take lightly.

“The way I felt here is how I feel with my family back at home. We are all family, anyway. I’ll carry this experience, and all my other memories from Kenya and from this journey as a whole, in my heart forever.”

Hamilton appears to have now ended his trip, tweeting that he “Already can’t wait to come back” but his mind will now turn back to Formula 1 with the Belgian Grand Prix under two weeks away.