Lewis Hamilton grows business empire with latest non-F1 venture

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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton looking serious in a press conference.

Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes in 2025.

Lewis Hamilton has launched his own non-alcoholic spirit as he further grows his business empire.

When he is not racing in Formula 1, Hamilton has built quite the portfolio of business ventures including a clothing line with Tommy Hilfiger, a vegan restaurant chain called Neat Burger, an Extreme E team, part ownership of the NFL’s Denver Broncos and his own production company.

Well you can add spirit manufacturer to that list as Hamilton has announced a new drink that is actually non-alcoholic.

Lewis Hamilton adds mixologist to lengthy CV

On Wednesday, Hamilton unveiled the new product named ‘Almave’ which is a non-alcoholic spirit designed to taste like tequila. The timing of the announcement is notable as Hamilton is set to race in Mexico this weekend as part of his Formula 1 duties.

Speaking as to why he made it, Hamilton said he was a fan of tequila but the alcohol did not suit his lifestyle.

“I’ve always loved tequila for its taste, but there are times when I don’t want the alcohol part of the deal and I know that there is a growing group of people who want the same,” Hamilton said.

“It’s what led me to teaming up with Iván and Casa Lumbre, because I knew if anyone could make the drink I was after it would be them.

“With Almave, we’re all about offering a high-quality option that doesn’t compromise on the craft and flavours of tequila and provides a truly authentic nonalcoholic blue agave experience. We’ve held on to the legacy and tequila-making traditions, but what we’ve come up [with] is a spirit that’s totally unique.”

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Almave uses the blue agave which is commonly used to make tequila only this time it skips the fermentation process where the liquid becomes alcohol.

A 700ml bottle of the Almave Ámbar, which is apparently designed for sipping, will set you back $38.99 while the Almave Blanco, made for mixing, costs $36.99. The drink will first appear in US bars with plans to expand internationally in 2024.

Hamilton is not the first sports star to get involved in the drinks industry. UFC’s Conor McGregor launched his own whisky line in September 2018 while fellow F1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas both have their own wine brand.

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