Hamilton blames ‘decision-makers’ for boring races

Michelle Foster
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Lewis Hamilton says don’t blame the drivers, blame F1’s “decision-makers” for the boring races and Mercedes’ dominance.

Formula 1 headed to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit this past weekend for round seven of the 2020 championship.

Despite the beauty surroundings what is arguably one of Formula 1’s best driver circuits, the race failed to deliver.

The first four on the grid were the first four at the chequered flag with Hamilton taking the win, his fifth out of seven races, by eight seconds ahead of Valtteri Bottas.

It was a boring Sunday drive for many but Hamilton says the drivers cannot be blamed for that.

“Fans need to understand this is not our fault,” he told Press Association. “As drivers, we come through the ranks and we earn the positions we have.

“We come in to each weekend devoted and give absolutely everything to perform at our best.

“The decision-makers who design the cars and set the rules are the ones to apply the pressure to, to do a better job.

“I am hopeful that is what will happen in 2022 when the regulations change, we have a new type of car, and we will see a different form of racing where we can follow closely and have closer races.”

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The Brit who watched Formula 1 during the Michael Schumacher, a time when the German and Ferrari bagged five successive Drivers’ Championship and dominated Sunday afternoons, concedes it is not great for the fans.

Admitting that he would even fall asleep after the first few laps and wake up to watch the end, Hamilton says that wasn’t a very exciting time in Formula 1 and neither is today’s championship.

“I cannot speak for the fans now, but having been a fan and growing up through different eras, the Schumacher era for example, I know what it is like,” said the 35-year-old Briton.

“I was a teenager back then. I would have woken up, eaten my bacon sandwich, watched the start, gone to sleep and then got up again to watch the end of the race.

“If I was watching as a fan today, I would have done the same thing and just tuned in for the highlights.

“I can imagine it was definitely not the most exciting race for those watching.”

“It’s just perhaps not as fun for people to watch, but when you’re in it, it’s a little bit different,” he addded.

“But of course, I would love to have a real race.

“I’ve definitely had races in the past here which are a little bit closer, trying to follow the Ferrari and stay on top of them but they could overtake because they had all that extra power.

“I hope the next races, we have the … I think the Red Bulls have improved. I really hope that we have more of a race because I think everyone wants to see us all battling together.”

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