Hamilton wants pandemic to ‘change’ us

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton PA

Lewis Hamilton took to social media to express his hope that the coronavirus pandemic will “help us all change for the better”.

The world has never known times quite like these as countries continue their lockdown procedures in an attempt to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

Worldwide there have now been over 900,000 confirmed cases of the virus, resulting in upwards of 45,000 deaths.

But with large parts of the planet grinding to a halt, Hamilton took to Instagram to point out the positive effect it’s having on our climate, and hopes that the pandemic will “help us all change for the better”.

After posting images in his story showing a comparison of the same skyline from December 2019 and March 2020, appearing to show a drastic drop in air pollution, Hamilton gave a message to his 15 million followers.

“It’s crazy that the world has come to a halt and we are seeing skies clear up,” the six-time World Champion wrote.

“Who knows why this is all happening right now but so much to think about for all of us. In 1900 there were less than 2 billion people and now we are at 7.7 billion and increasing 140 million a year.

“All these stats are mind blowing for me. We’ve just got out of control as a race.

“What’s even more crazy is, in this sad time where we are seeing deaths of over 40,000 from this virus, around 57 million people die every year according to statistics. That would mean more than 150,000 people die everyday worldwide.

“We have so much changing to do, to our habits, decisions we take, how we consume, all sorts. How can we truly change as a human race when we’re so stuck in our ways?

“Hopefully this global pandemic can help us all change for the better”.

Hamilton is still waiting to begin the defence of his World Championship after the first eight races of the 2020 calendar were called off.

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