Hamilton knows he will ‘always receive negative attention’

Date published: April 30 2020 - Mark Scott


Lewis Hamilton realises he will “receive negative attention” – but that won’t stop him trying to make a positive impact on the world.

Hamilton regularly uses his profile and social media platforms to help raise awareness about the topics and issues he feels passionately about.

Subjects such as climate change, veganism and animal welfare are regularly discussed by Hamilton and it is the former of those topics where Hamilton knows that criticism will follow given that he races in Formula 1.

“Climate change is a serious threat. Everyone of us has the responsibility to protect our future and the future of the next generation, Hamilton said in an exclusive interview with Italy’s Style magazine.

“With the industry I’m in, I’m always going to receive negative attention but we don’t have to be perfect to be part of the solution.

“As a powerful voice in my industry I have a responsibility to effect change from within Formula 1 as well as in all the other activities in which I am involved.

“I’ve done this with Tommy Hilfiger and with Police, just recently I invested in Neat Burger vegan fast-food and I’m working with Mercedes and Daimler on a series of car projects.”

Hamilton feels that by speaking his mind on social media and in interviews allows him and shows others to “stay true” to themselves.

Also, by expressing himself, Hamilton is able to use that creativity to keep himself fresh for racing.

“I always believe in being true to yourself and others, and being transparent on social media is part of that,” he added.

“Being in my position, yes you are opening yourself up to scrutiny, but I know that my fans consistently support me and have my back.

“I think the traditional idea of what it is to be ‘masculine’ is changing and people are starting to realise that you don’t need to be invincible. There is strength in showing your vulnerability.

“Expressing myself creatively off the track helps me focus and keeps me fresh ahead of each racing weekend.”

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