F1 pundit not buying Lewis Hamilton ‘this is emotional’ talk in Mercedes farewell year

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton: Moving to Ferrari in 2025

Martin Brundle has said he doesn’t buy into Lewis Hamilton’s claims of his decision to leave Mercedes as being emotional.

Hamilton will depart Mercedes at the end of 2024 in order to join Ferrari, having decided to leave the team with whom he’s raced for over 10 years and won six of his seven Drivers’ Championship titles.

Hamilton said at Mercedes’ launch last week that he found the decision to switch, as well as the build-up to his final season with the team, as being “emotional” and “surreal”.

Martin Brundle sees ‘no downside’ to Lewis Hamilton Ferrari switch

Speaking on the Sky F1 podcast, experienced broadcaster Martin Brundle shared his thoughts on Hamilton’s seismic career change and the contract with Mercedes he opted to leave after just one year.

“There was a clause in it,” Brundle said.

“The teams are slightly disingenuous when they tell you about new contract signings because they only tell you edited highlights that suit them.

“Clearly, they forgot to mention they had an exit clause, which he’s chosen to take very early indeed.

“The contracts I signed for myself and for other drivers I manage, like David Coulthard and Gary Paffett and people like that, just stuff that people send me to look through, I mean, F1 contracts are 100 pages with all the different elements that you need.

“But, often, there is an exit clause or a performance-related clause, which are really hard to write and really hard to sort of measure, as it were.

“So I don’t see really any downside here and I don’t buy all of ‘this is going to be emotional’.

“Lewis is a winning machine. And that’s what he wants to do and it’s a good contract. He’s going to be paid a lot of money, and he’ll get a lot of love. It will be one of the biggest global sports stories in 2025 so I just see positives all around.”

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Simon Lazenby: Mercedes owe Lewis Hamilton ‘everything’

Brundle continued on to say that, as is the norm with an outgoing driver, Hamilton will be slowly frozen out by Mercedes over the course of the season as their attentions turn to 2025.

“You’ve got this transition point where Lewis will stop being invited to meetings,” he said.

“He will not understand what’s going on with the development of the car in the simulator. The team consciously, subconsciously, will favour George – they’ve got to.”

But, as for whether members of the team itself may start question Hamilton over the season if he is seen to not be giving 100 percent in every department, as he usually does, Sky’s Simon Lazenby said he expects Mercedes to treat both drivers fairly and won’t seek to actively push Russell over Hamilton.

“Lewis has brought everything to Mercedes,” he said.

“Therefore, they kind of owe him a little bit. I think they owe him everything really.

“They probably owe him the respect that he deserves to treat him like the great champion that he is for the time that he has remaining at Mercedes.

“As far as he is concerned, I don’t think it’s going to be emotion. I don’t think it’s going to be anything to do with that. It’s about he’ll get through the season. He’ll know early on whether he’s got a car to compete for the championship and I think that could be the key. If he does, yeah, they’ll have to rally around whoever’s the best driver again, really.”

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