Snippy Lewis Hamilton ‘definitely happy’ to say goodbye to Mercedes W14

Thomas Maher
Lewis Hamilton drives his Mercedes W14 in the pitlane during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton is the most fined driver on the F1 2023 grid.

A terse Lewis Hamilton says he’s ‘happy it’s over’ following his final qualifying session in Mercedes’ W14.

Hamilton could only manage 11th place in qualifying for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, as the seven-time F1 World Champion was knocked out in Q2 with a time six-tenths off fastest man Max Verstappen in the same session.

The British driver has made it clear all year that he hasn’t been a big fan of the Mercedes W14, and admitted after the session that he is glad that his time behind the wheel of the machine is coming to an end.

Lewis Hamilton bemoans ‘unpredictable’ W14

Speaking to media, including, after qualifying at Yas Marina, Hamilton was in no mood to delve into the intricacies of his disappointment.

Asked by as to how he felt following the session, Hamilton replied: “What do you think?”

Pushed for further information on how the car hasn’t been to his liking, he said: “It’s just a very unpredictable car. It’s been the same all year.”

Asked whether he’s relieved to have completed his last qualifying session with the W14, he answered “I wouldn’t say that I’m relieved. I’m definitely happy it’s nearly over.

“It’s more inconsistent than ever before. It’s just up and down.

“Per corner – from the moment you hit the brakes, the moment you turn to the moment you hit the apex, it’s massively out of balance and very hard to predict what’s going to happen.

“The tyres were fine, it was just the car.” recommends

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As for the race itself, Hamilton said he can’t hazard a guess at what might play out.

“I did a little bit of a longer run this morning,” he said.

“But I only got four laps yesterday. So I wouldn’t say so.

“I’ll try and turn it around tomorrow if I can, and see how far we can get up.”

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