Lewis Hamilton feels ‘huge buzz’ about F1 worldwide as he recalls fan encounter in LA

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton smiles. Mexico City, Mexico. October 2022.

Lewis Hamilton smiles with his thumbs up. Mexico City, Mexico. October 2022.

Lewis Hamilton believes there is a “huge buzz” around Formula 1 as more and more fans become interested in the sport.

Provided a replacement for the cancelled Chinese Grand Prix can be found, the 2023 season will have a record-breaking 24 races across five continents and 21 countries, demonstrating the huge worldwide interest that the sport is currently enjoying.

Nowhere is that interest growing faster than it is in the United States, with more fans both tuning in and heading to the track to watch the sport.

In 2023, three races will take place in the States as the Las Vegas Grand Prix joins the schedule and one of the sport’s most popular stars Hamilton recounted an interaction with a fan from Los Angeles that made him feel how much Formula 1 has grown.

“I think just in general, there’s a huge buzz about Formula 1 around the world,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“I’m going to lots of different places and it’s been really beautiful to see the how more and more people are embracing the sport. More and more people are excited and passionate about the sport that that we’ve all grown up loving.

“It’s great to see more and more new people taking trips out to be in places like this [Singapore] and being a part of the race.

“I was at the airport in LA and some young girl came up to me and I was all covered up and she was like ‘Are you Lewis?’

“She’s like ‘I’m a new fan to the sport. I’m coming out to Austin, I can’t wait, just bought my tickets, coming out with my husband.’ So it’s clearly lifting a lot of people’s spirits as sport does.”

The organisers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix have been making big plans to ensure the race is a success and the race’s chief commercial officer told PlanetF1.com that it was the “event to rival the Super Bowl.”

“I think the investment in the US speaks for itself,” Emily Prazer said. “COTA is incredibly important and they’ve set the foundation.

“Then you’ve got Miami and partnering with the [NFL team Miami] Dolphins was such a significant fork in the ground.

“If you’ve got Texas and the East Coast, then we have to do something on the West Coast and Vegas is just the city to do it.

“You have American owners that consistently tell you that they want to rival the Super Bowl and I think this is the event that will rival the Super Bowl.”

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