Lewis Hamilton accuses Lando Norris of lack of patience in Spanish GP collision

Michelle Foster
Race winner Max Verstappen speaking with second placed Lewis Hamilton. Spain June 2023. Jenson Button

Race winner Max Verstappen speaking with second placed Lewis Hamilton. Spain June 2023

Lewis Hamilton believes Lando Norris should’ve shown more patience on the opening lap of the Spanish Grand Prix but that his compatriot will “live and learn”.

Lining up third and fourth on the Circuit de Catalunya grid with Norris ahead of Hamilton, it was the Mercedes driver who made the better start to run P3.

Norris tried to retake the position up the inside at Turn 2 only to collide with Hamilton, the McLaren driver coming off second best as his MCL60 suffered front wing damage.

Pitting for a new nose cone, Norris dropped to the very back of the field and was only able to make up a few positions to finish P17. As for Hamilton, he reached the podium with a runner-up result.

The seven-time World Champion feels Norris should’ve been more patient on the opening lap.

“I just felt a big hit from behind but obviously Max and Carlos went quite wide and deep into Turn 1 and then they were coming back across, and I basically got in the wake, so I had to be patient, and then I got a hit from behind,” he explained.

“I think it was a shame for Lando because he did such an amazing job yesterday [in qualifying].

“It’s great to see McLaren up there on the second row and I think today even if he was ahead of me going into the corner, we would have overtaken him because we had slightly more pace race trim-wise.

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“And so yeah, not ending up being a great result for him but I think if he was just a little more patient today, he would have had probably a better result but we live and we learn.”

Norris billed the collision as “just a racing incident” with the Briton explaining that race leader Max Verstappen had a moment that led to the those behind him having to check up.

“I did see in Turn 1 that Max went off the track, went a bit wide, so then he had to bounce over the kerb in Turn 2 and then everyone just checked up,” he said.

“I was too close to Lewis to be able to react and brake and whatever. So just an unlucky moment.”

The Briton joked that maybe the contact actually helped Hamilton.

“Lewis was fine,” he added, “he didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t an incident, it was just unlucky, nothing more than that.

“Obviously nothing happened to him. Maybe it made him quicker today!”

Asked what went through his mind in that moment that he hit Hamilton, the 23-year-old revealed: “F***!”