Revealed: Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen ranked in top 50 most marketable athletes

Thomas Maher
A smiling Max Verstappen walks down the pitlane, while Lewis Hamiltoon stays cool and dry at the Qatar Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton: Two F1 greats

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, and Lando Norris are F1’s leading lights in terms of global sports figure’s marketability.

Leading sports business website Sportspromedia partnered with data analysts Northstar Solutions to analyse leading figures from global sport in order to calculate the world’s most marketable sports stars.

Released as a list annually, this year’s list features three Formula 1 drivers in the top 20 – and it’s no surprise that multiple World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen feature strongly.

Where do Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen rank?

Hamilton is ranked as the world’s seventh-most marketable sportsperson, coming in behind skiing’s Mikaela Shiffrin, soccer’s Megan Rapinoe, basketball’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, soccer’s Alex Morgan, basketball’s Lebron James, and soccer’s Lionel Messi.

Hamilton has slipped down four places from third place overall last year, with the seven-time World Champion coming in ahead of Max Verstappen in 10th place. The Dutch driver, who has swept all before him in 2023, has climbed 23 places from last year – the two F1 stars are separated only by gymnastics Simone Biles and soccer’s Kylian Mbappe.

The only other F1 driver to feature in the top 50 is Lando Norris, with the McLaren star ranked the 25th most marketable sportsperson in the world.

Sergio Perez was 36th last year but has slipped to 76th this season, while other motorsport representatives include Joey Logano in 96th, Kyle Busch in 107th, and Agustin Canapino in 125th. recommends

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How are the rankings determined?

Sportspromedia and Northstar Solutions ranked all the athletes using data to determine their overall ‘Marketability Score’.

This is done through three pillars: Brand Strength, Total Addressable Market, and Economics.

Each athlete is ranked out of a total score of 100. In Hamilton’s case, his Brand Strength and Economics are still top-tier and close to full score, but his Total Addressable Market – which carries the heaviest weighting – has slipped. This encompasses overall reach, attention growth, social media sentiment, audience engagement, and sport/team awareness.

Verstappen scored higher than Hamilton in this area, but his overall brand strength is a little lower than the Mercedes drivers’, resulting in the difference in finishing position.

The full list of athletes, their scoring, and the methodology, can be viewed here.

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