Lewis Hamilton labelled ‘a prat’ and ‘draining’ in mean tweets video

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton arrives at the Miami circuit. Miami May 2023

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton arrives at the Miami circuit. Miami May 2023

Lewis Hamilton has been reading mean tweets from social media users about himself, in a video posted by Mercedes over the weekend.

The format was debuted by American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and became a smash hit, in which some of the biggest stars in the world would read comments from social media trolls about themselves and respond in real time.

Hamilton did the same with Mercedes recently, and topics from his fashion sense to his concern about the environment popped up in conversation from what his team chose for him.

In a video posted on Mercedes’ YouTube channel, Hamilton read a post in which a user wrote: “Lewis Hamilton is so draining man. Can’t the guy just say a sentence without curing world peace or just being a mad hippy.”

Hamilton laughed and responded: “What do you want me to say? I’m a positive guy.”

Another wrote: “Lewis Hamilton looks like a right prat riding around the paddock on a kids scooter,” to which the seven-time World Champion said “thanks”, shrugged his shoulders and responded: “I don’t even know what to say…”

On the topic of Hamilton’s outfit choices, another user wrote: “I sometimes think Lewis Hamilton is just a character from Zoolander.”

The Mercedes driver already had a perfect response to that in mind: “I was in Zoolander 2, duh?”

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Among other entries, Hamilton finished off by reminding people that everyone is able to think what they want to about him, but he wishes everybody well nonetheless.

“These [comments] aren’t really that bad, but I just want to say to everyone that has an opinion, everyone has the right to an opinion,” he said.

“Anyone out there that doesn’t like me, that’s still fine. Like, you’re not supposed to love everyone in the world.

“So I wish you nothing but positivity and I appreciate still the comments because they’re pretty funny to be honest.”