Lewis Hamilton looking to ‘explore all avenues’ with Mercedes as talks rumble on

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton speaks to the media. Canada June 2023.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton speaks to reporters in the press conference. Montreal June 2023.

Lewis Hamilton has said talks around a new Mercedes deal are “not just a simple driving contract”, and he is looking to “explore all avenues” for how he could expand his relationship further with them in future.

This could potentially explain a part of the reason why negotiations over Hamilton’s future contract with Mercedes are taking longer than originally anticipated, with he and Toto Wolff initially having planned on agreeing a contract extension over last winter.

The seven-time World Champion confirmed he and Wolff have had several conversations over extending his decade-long association with Mercedes over the past couple of weeks, and progress has been made in negotiations.

But given the amount of details and intricacies involved in a deal for Hamilton, he hinted that his next deal may extend to being beyond what a run-of-the-mill driving contract might be, though he still plans a “decent chunk of time” behind the wheel yet.

“It’s the same as the previous two races, there’s not anything to really add at the moment. But as soon as I have something for you, I’ll let you know,” Hamilton told reporters in Canada, as per Sky F1.

“We had a good meeting just recently. They’re very complex, contracts. So it’s not just a simple driving contract.”

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Hamilton was picked up on that point and asked if his next deal may incorporate a future ambassadorial role with Mercedes, and the seven-time World Champion was tight-lipped about the details of what he was aiming to negotiate.

That said, he acknowledged he is looking at ways to potentially “expand” his involvement with Mercedes in future, though he is in no hurry to get a new deal over the line just yet.

“I can’t tell you what I’m trying to put in my contract, but right now I’m focused mostly on planning to be here racing for still a decent chunk of time,” he said.

“You’ve just got to explore all avenues in the sense of how you can continue to expand your partnership with such a great organisation, and it’s not just as easy as ‘hey, let’s just go ahead.’ I don’t have to be in a rush.”