Hamilton: Bumpy Miami chicane ‘like a B&Q car park’

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton at the chicane. Miami May 2022.

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton rounds the Turns 14 and 15 chicane in practice. Miami May 2022.

Lewis Hamilton has compared the “bumpy” Turns 14 and 15 chicane at Miami to being “like a B&Q car park”, such is its elevation change.

The chicane is the slowest part of the Miami International Autodrome layout, which sees the cars rise up for the apex and quickly plunge down again to Turn 16.

This comes as a result of the circuit’s natural topography, combined with that area of the track being at the “limitations” of FIA regulations, concering the gap between the track and the overpass above it needing to be wide enough.

The Mercedes driver was surprised to see the rest of the track so bumpy considering its construction has only been completed in the past few weeks, but the slow chicane in particular led him to recall a particular childhood memory.

“It’s kind of crazy,” Hamilton told reporters after practice. “In this day and age, they should be able to make a flat road relatively easy but there are fricking big. big bumps in so many places where the track joins up somewhere else.

“I don’t know if they’ll be able to grind that overnight and improve it but otherwise it’s quite nice to drive except for the chicane, that might be…I don’t want to put that quote out there. I’ll hold onto that.

“But it’s so tight. It reminds of being in a B&Q car park when I was six, seven years old in a go-kart going in between cars.

“It’s a corner that maybe in the future they can remove and it will improve the track.”

Mercedes appeared to have shown significant improvements compared to their previous performance at Imola, with ‘porpoising’ appearing less prevalent at high speed and the W13 seemingly more stable as a result.

The team introduced upgraded front, rear and beam wings to the car this weekend, and George Russell and Hamilton were P1 and P4 respectively in the second free practice session, backing up Russell’s P2 ranking from FP1 and showing that the Silver Arrows have made progress.

But the seven-time World Champion isn’t jumping to conclusions just yet, and insists there’s still plenty to be ironed out.

“It feels similar to me,” Hamilton said of the W13.


“We seem to be quicker and it was explained that we definitely have improved in some way, I’m not sure where that is.

“We still have the bouncing so we haven’t cured it but bit by bit we are improving the car.

“There are definitely positive elements to take from today. I’m still struggling with the car. George looked great out there but we’re trying a lot of different things. We’ll converge and hopefully improve.”