Motorhome has Hamilton remembering ‘best days’

Date published: August 23 2020 - Jamie Woodhouse

Lewis Hamilton

Living in his motorhome once again, Lewis Hamilton says it takes him back to his younger years and “some of the best days” of his life.

The 2020 Formula 1 season is proving to be a hectic affair with two triple-headers already completed.

And as a safety precaution many drivers are staying in their motorhomes at the circuits across the race weekend, rather than at hotels.

But Hamilton actually started this trend last year with his custom motorhome, and he is loving it.

In fact, it takes him back to his days racing in the junior formulas travelling around the UK in a motorhome, days he said were some of the “best” of his life.

“When I was in karting when I was younger and I used to live in a motorhome it was a lot different to the one I have now,” he is quoted by GP Fans.

“I remember travelling around the whole of the UK in a motorhome and it was some of the best days of my life to be honest.

“This one, you can’t travel in it but it expands out and there’s – I have my own room and my own little private section. I have my little recording travel kit that I take around with me so I can do music.

“I have my PlayStation, so I travel with my PlayStation gaming setup so I like to play online at night. Last weekend I played online with Pierre Gasly. We played Call of Duty together and sometimes Charles [Leclerc] comes online as well. Otherwise yeah, you’re watching movies.”

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Teams are having to stay in their own social bubbles, avoiding contact with others in the paddock, and Hamilton said he shares his motorhome with his physio Angela Cullen only.

His dog Roscoe is around too, and it’s not only Hamilton who benefits from the physio sessions.

“I stay with Angela, so it’s just me and Angela. She has her own room and Roscoe sleeps in the living room and I usually have physio in the evening and Roscoe goes second,” he explained.

“I don’t go and hang with anybody, particularly during this time. Last year, perhaps if you were in a campsite with everyone you could probably have a barbecue together, but we’re not doing that obviously now.”

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