Hamilton receives emotional video, pays tribute to NHS

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton pays tribute to NHS.

Six-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton has paid tribute to the NHS on social media, saying they are the “true heroes”.

Britain’s NHS is on the frontline battling against the deadly COVID-19 outbreak. There have now been almost 9,000 deaths recorded in the UK.

And Hamilton recieved a video from NHS nurse Petula Rees, who works in the intensive care unit at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor, who explained how Hamilton’s ‘never give up’ motto inspires her and her patients in their respective fights against the virus.

But since the masks staff must wear make it quite hard to talk to patients, Petula came up with a fantastic idea.

In her video she said: When I’ve got a problem, I’m a very deep person and I keep things to myself.

“But his words ‘never give up’ keep me going. They have kept me going on a lot of occasions.

“I always told my patients before the Covid-19 actually arrived to never give up. Because they come and the are so vulnerable and so ill.

“They don’t see us with our full faces, we’ve always got masks on and visors on. The masks we’ve got on at the moment are very tight fitting.

“We get marks on our faces when we wear them for a long time and it’s very hard to hear very well. I’m sure these patients can’t hear us very well so I came up with a little idea and I wrote on my little face mask ‘Never Give Up’ with a little heart.

“So whenever I put this mask on I always point to it for the patients and tell them to ‘Never Give Up’.”

In response Hamilton said: “I am so in awe of you, you guys are the real heroes.

“Thank you to everyone all of you frontline workers, the NHS you all inspire me to do more in helping people.

“Let’s never give up caring and helping those who need it most my thoughts and prayers are with you.”

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