‘Seed of doubt needs planting in Hamilton’s mind’

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton compares UK lockdown to animal captivity.

Lewis Hamilton compares UK lockdown to animal captivity.

Nico Rosberg has said a “seed of doubt” needs to be planted in Lewis Hamilton’s mind in order to beat him to the World Championship.

Rosberg was able to get the better of Hamilton in the 2016 season, winning his one and only World Championship title by five points before heading off into sunset with retirement.

As Valtteri Bottas prepares for a fourth season trying to topple his Mercedes team-mate, Rosberg was asked how the Finn should try to achieve that goal.

“I remember realising that his [Hamilton’s] defences had been broken when he started playing with Snapchat during a press conference,” Rosberg recalled in an interview with Auto Hebdo.

“The next day, he performed poorly. It all plays a role.

“It may seem insignificant, but these things can unsettle you.

“Speaking about Lewis, it must be understood that the more you attack him and the more aggressive you get with him, the stronger he becomes.

“Instead, it’s necessary to get into his thoughts, and that is not easy.

“You have to plant a seed of doubt in his mind.”

Rosberg also feels Bottas needs to become an “obsessive” so that Hamilton becomes fully aware of the threat posed by his team-mate.

“Valtteri needs to always be there as a strong opponent performing with stability,” Rosberg added.

“He needs to become obsessive, so that Lewis feels his presence.”

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