Lewis Hamilton thanks Mercedes after granting ‘special’ simulator request

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton hugs his brother Nicolas Hamilton. England. July 2022..

Lewis Hamilton hugs his brother Nicolas Hamilton with his dad Anthony Hamilton also on the grid. England. July 2022.

Lewis Hamilton expressed his gratitude after Mercedes made the dreams of his brother Nicolas come true with a stint in the simulator.

Lewis is not the only active racing driver in his family, as his brother Nicolas also competes in the British Touring Car Championship.

Due to suffering from cerebral palsy, Nicolas competes in a specially-modified car, but thanks to Mercedes, this has proven not to be a barrier to Formula 1.

That is because with modifications to the seat, steering wheel and pedals, Nicolas was able to spend the day at the wheel in the Mercedes simulator.

In a social media post, Lewis said: “Earlier this year Nicolas Hamilton and I asked my team if we could make this day happen and here we are.

“Time in the sim is incredibly rare, and not something that is accessible for someone like my brother. It took custom modifications to the seat, steering wheel and pedals to make this possible.

“He spent the whole day in it, and is the first disabled person to ever do so.

“He’s always been a fighter and seeing him have this day is an honour. The smile never left his face.

“Can’t wait to share more of this special day, thank you Mercedes for the time and work put in to make this possible and make my brother’s dream come true.”

This signifies the bond between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Mercedes have been ever-present in the life and motorsport career of Lewis, and as the years have passed since his move to the works team in 2013, this partnership has only grown more close-knit.

While on-track the relationship between Lewis and Mercedes was strengthened by the struggles of 2022, Lewis leading the charge to get out of that slump and keep the camp motivated, off-track the pair are also committed to making the Mercedes team and Formula 1 in general a more diverse landscape.

So in giving Nicolas, as part of that belief, the opportunity to show that his disability is not a barrier, Mercedes and Lewis also demonstrated the strength of their relationship.

Lewis’ Mercedes contract is up at the end of 2023, but if he is to continue in Formula 1 beyond that point, like it is believed he will, then it is pretty much a given that he will remain with Mercedes for the rest of his driving days in the series.

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