The Lewis Hamilton phone call as shock Ferrari move news spread

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton talking on his phone in Monaco.

Lewis Hamilton on his phone.

Lewis Hamilton’s brother Nicolas shared the story of how the seven-time World Champion was chasing him for a phone call to tip him off that he would join Ferrari in 2025.

In one of the biggest driver moves Formula 1 has ever seen, Hamilton will leave Mercedes after the F1 2024 campaign, where he has raced since 2013, in order to make the Ferrari dream move happen after years of speculation.

Negotiations moved fast into a signed multi-year contract, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff having reflected on his shock regarding this bombshell, with a final season of the iconic Hamilton-Mercedes partnership on the horizon.

Lewis Hamilton called brother to tell him of Ferrari move

Talks between Hamilton and Ferrari were kept well-guarded until confirmation loomed, though Hamilton reached out to his younger brother Nicolas, also a racer on the British Touring Car Championship scene, to tell him the move was going to happen.

It was not the easiest phone call to set up, the brothers struggling to find a shared free moment, but once they did, Nicolas could not believe the news he was hearing.

Speaking on social media about his brother joining Ferrari, a clearly excited Nicolas said: “Yeah, it was so surprising. recommends

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“So, if anyone doesn’t know, I do public speaking, so I was doing a public speech actually for Coca-Cola and Lewis called me the night before and I was at dinner, so I said, ‘Hey bro, I’ll call you back when I can’.

“And then I called him later at night and he didn’t pick up and then he told me he was in bed, so I was like, ‘Okay, no worries’. Then he said, ‘Are you around?’ I said, ‘I’m just heading into work, I’ve got a speech to do and I’ll catch you later tonight because I’ll be free’.

“He’s like, ‘Ah, I could really do with speaking to you now’. He said: ‘Are you in a place where you can talk, but can you talk without anyone hearing?’

“I was like, ‘Yeah’, and then he said: ‘So, I’m going to Ferrari in 2025’. I was like, ‘What! Are you joking? That’s crazy!'”

Ferrari will boast one of, if not the strongest driver pairing on the grid come F1 2025 with Hamilton alongside Charles Leclerc, who recently put pen to paper on a fresh Ferrari deal.

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