Lewis Hamilton reveals the non-F1 cars he’d like to test in future

Michelle Foster
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, talks to media. Australia, March 2023.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, talking to media at Albert Park. Australia, March 2023.

Although keen to try his hand at a NASCAR race and even an IndyCar test, Lewis Hamilton insists he’s not looking at alternatives, he wants to remain in Formula 1.

Over the years Hamilton has had a few opportunities to try different racing machines with a run in Tony Stewart’s #14 Chevrolet at the Watkins Glen back in 2011, while in 2019 he put in the laps on Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha in Valencia.

Now closer to the end of his Formula 1 career than to the beginning, the Briton was asked if he’d ever compete in a NASCAR event like fellow World Champions, Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button.

But while he is open to that, revealing he’d also like an IndyCar run, the seven-time World Champion says for now it’s all about Formula 1 and securing his place on the 2024 grid.

“I did a car swap with Tony Stewart years ago, which was fun. I’d love to try it at some stage,” he said.

“It’s not a dream for me to go and race in another series, but I am an admirer and a fan of racing and other sports, so I always like to try.

“It’s an amazing opportunity and I got to swap with Valentino Rossi and try a MotoGP bike. I sometimes watch IndyCar. I’d love to try one of those cars at some stage.”

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But if he did test an IndyCar, he wants it to an old-school machine, not one fitted with today’s aeroscreen.

“I’m not big fan of the big screen that they have, but like the old-school cars they have, the cars sound and look good,” he added.

“But right now, my focus is solely on Formula 1. So, I don’t plan on leaving here anytime soon.”

Hamilton has made it clear he’s keen to continue with Mercedes, the Briton calling the team “home”, while Toto Wolff says a new contract is just a matter of agreeing the numbers.

However, former F1 team boss Eddie Jordan has urged the seven-time World Champion to look elsewhere for a 2024 drive.

“Lewis has to find something else in his mojo now and he needs to get out of there,” he said on the latest Formula For Success podcast.

“He needs to move on just like he did when he was with McLaren. Get out of Mercedes, Lewis. It’s time you reinvented yourself somewhere else.”

Jenson Button, though, doesn’t see Hamilton racing anywhere but Mercedes next year as he has not got “the options that he would want.

“I don’t really think he would have the option at Red Bull,” he told Sky Sports, “I don’t think he would be the right fit alongside Max [Verstappen].

“I don’t think he’d be at Ferrari. Aston Martin? Definitely won’t be going to Aston Martin, they’ve got two seats that are going to be filled there for a little while.”