Horner: Hamilton-Vettel at Mercedes would be great

Mark Scott
Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel pa

Christian Horner and Sebastian Vettel pa

Sebastian Vettel’s former boss Christian Horner is one of many that would like to see him team up with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes next season.

Vettel has a decision to make ahead of the next Formula 1 season in 2021 after he and Ferrari decided to go their separate ways at the end of the 2020 campaign.

The four-time World Champion’s options appear to be Mercedes or retirement, with many voices within Formula 1 not seeing Vettel joining forces with a midfield team such as Renault.

And, whilst Horner concedes that Hamilton and Vettel in the same team would cause a “headache”, it would still be something very exciting to see unfold.

“He’s still in his early 30s, he’s still phenomenally quick and maybe Mercedes will fancy the headache of having him and Lewis together,” Horner said on the latest episode of DC Unscripted – Heineken Non-Race Sundays.

“It would be great for all of us to see and witness, [as] from a team point of view that would be a lot to take on.”

But Horner also said that Vettel is absolutely in a position to take a sabbatical or retire completely from Formula 1 with his head held high.

“What he’s achieved in his career is phenomenal so if he were to decide that there’s not a competitive drive available to him at the end of this year and he called it a day [he can],” Horner added.

“He could even take a year out if he wanted. He has a young family, he’s one of the most successful drivers in the history of the sport.”

Vettel will be replaced by Carlos Sainz from next season after the Spaniard signed a two-year deal with the Scuderia.

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