Lewis Hamilton sends veiled message to Max Verstappen over Las Vegas hate

Thomas Maher
Lewis Hamilton in attendance at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton in attendance at the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton chose to take a positive stance on Las Vegas’ Grand Prix, and took a dig at the people who were ‘negative’ about the event.

Much has been made about the off-track spectacle of the Las Vegas Grand Prix as F1 injected as much pomp and circumstance into their first self-run and self-promoted race under Liberty Media’s ownership.

Max Verstappen has been one of the most vocal critics of the approach to the race, making his disdain clear about how little he was enjoying everything to do with the event aside from the actual driving.

Lewis Hamilton: Las Vegas has proved the critics wrong

Hamilton had a mixed race on Sunday in Las Vegas, coming home in seventh after picking up a puncture that cost him significant time.

Having started from 10th on the grid, Hamilton was caught up in the Turn 1 melee as he picked up some damage. Fighting his way back to the points, a seemingly inconsequential tap with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri resulted in both picking up damage, with Hamilton suffering a right-rear puncture.

Hamilton’s seventh place wasn’t enough to keep him in the running for second place in the Drivers’ Championship on a day where Sergio Perez finished in third, but the seven-time World Champion was still in a bright mood afterward.

“It was a pretty challenging race. I started on the hard tyre which was tricky at the beginning,” Hamilton told Sky F1.

“I got hit by someone behind a big hit, I think it was from Carlos [Sainz] and I was just trying not to hit the cars that spun round and I fell back I think five or six places.

“I’m really, really happy to have a positive race. I’m really grateful that the race was so good.

“I don’t know how it was as a spectacle to watch, there was so much overtaking. It was like Baku, but better.

“I really wasn’t expecting the track to be so great. But, the more and more laps we did over the last few days, I just really, really loved racing and lots of great overtaking opportunities.

“I think for all those that were so negative about the weekend saying ‘it’s all about show, blah blah, blah’, I think Vegas proved them wrong.”

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Max Verstappen: Viva Las Vegas!

Amusingly, Verstappen got on the radio to sing ‘Viva Las Vegas’ as Red Bull team boss Christian Horner played the song down the team radio after his driver won the race.

Happy following the outcome of the Grand Prix, Verstappen was asked whether he still felt the same way about Las Vegas or whether it had won him over.

“I always expected it to be a good race today,” he said.

“It was just – like I said before – four long straights, low-speed corners, you don’t lose a lot of downforce. So that has never been my issue. But yeah, today was fun.

“That’s the only thing I want to say about it; I think today was fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it. I think the DRS effect was strong but good.

“I mean it made for fun racing out there. Christian put me on the spot so I cannot leave them hanging so I have to sing. But I definitely need some lessons, so I need to go to Jerry and book an appointment I guess.”

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