Lewis Hamilton set to be granted FIA wish as Red Bull spark driver rumours – F1 news round up

Thomas Maher
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, and Red Bull's Sergio Perez with Max Verstappen.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton, and Red Bull's Sergio Perez with Max Verstappen.

The start of a new race week, with the United States Grand Prix in a few days time, has resulted in a busy day of F1 news.

The Monday after a non-race weekend usually proves to be fairly quiet, but that wasn’t the case this week as the fallout from the FIA’s announcement that their investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s Qatar track excursion will be re-visited.

Along with that, an idea from Hamilton from earlier this year has hit the headlines again, while Sergio Perez’s uncertain future was also up for discussion.Check out all the latest F1 news for Monday in our round-up!

Might 2026 car development be banned until the start of 2025?

According to the German publication Auto Motor und Sport, over recent weeks F1 technical directors have discussed the idea of imposing a rule to prevent the start of wind tunnel and CFD development work on the 2026 cars before January 2025 in order to prevent teams from getting a head start on the new rules.

The report claims a majority is in favour of the measure, which is to be confirmed at the next meeting before being passed on to the F1 Commission and the FIA World Motor Sport Council for approval – a process described as a ‘formality’.

With preparations for the 2026 rules set to take place under the cost cap, teams will be forced to manage their resources carefully in the time leading up to F1’s new era.

Earlier this year, Lewis Hamilton had suggested a very similar idea when he put forward an opinion that teams should be prevented from carrying out car development for the following season until a specific date.

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Karun Chandhok ponders ‘precedent’ of Lewis Hamilton Qatar track walk

Sky F1 broadcaster and former F1 driver Karun Chandhok has wondered why Logan Sargeant’s walk across the track during the Japanese GP qualifying session wasn’t investigated, in light of the FIA revisiting Lewis Hamilton’s crossing the track in Qatar.

With the governing body choosing to highlight Hamilton’s transgression, Chandhok said it’s odd to discuss precedent when Hamilton is far from the first to walk across a race track.


“Not saying this should be condoned but I’m sure Lewis isn’t the first person to do this… Didn’t Sargeant cross the track just at the previous event in Japan?” Chandhok wrote on X.

“Bit odd to talk about precedent when other people have done it before.

“Max at Monza 2021 is another example I think…”

Chandhok had been referring to Verstappen walking on the tarmac at the first chicane following a collision with Lewis Hamilton at Monza, an incident that was not investigated.

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Singling out Lewis Hamilton ‘goes against consistency’

Speaking of the Hamilton incident, which the FIA says is being revisited due to his status ‘as a role model’, 2015 Le Mans LMP2 winner Richard Bradley has voiced his displeasure at seeing the seven-time World Champion being singled out.

“I don’t like the way that the FIA have gone about it,” he said.

“Lewis is an entity and someone we look up to, and he’s an icon. But, for any other driver, we look at drivers as just another helmet. We don’t care whether it’s Max Verstappen or someone down the road – it’s a helmet.

“You’ve seen plenty of examples of drivers walking across the circuit in the past and nothing’s been said or done about it. I think a prime example was when Max and Lewis actually crashed at Monza Turn 1 at that chicane – Max walked across the track.

“I feel like if they’d worded it there’s a continuing trend of this happening and we need to address it, I think that’d be actually fair enough.

“The one thing we always complain about with the officials and the FIA is inconsistencies, and this isn’t doing anything to help that.

“If the FIA came out and said, ‘OK, this is a precedent, we want to try and stop’, I’m all for it.

“But I think the way they’ve singled out that incident without referring to others just goes against the consistency.”

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Sergio Perez urged to leave Red Bull

Austrian driver Gerhard Berger reckons it’s time for Sergio Perez to cut ties with Red Bull in order to rediscover his confidence and talent.


“I say, Perez has to leave Red Bull Racing!” the former F1 driver told ServusTV’s ‘Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7’ programme.

“Perez needs a team in which he can grow again. You need a teammate you can beat so that you create strength.

“Perez will not be able to do that next to Max Verstappen. He will only become weaker because the mistakes will increase.

“It’s not that important whether you can win. It’s not about winning. Max won’t get any worse.”

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Red Bull put the cat amongst the pigeons with a cheeky social media post


Red Bull are just trolling us all with one of their latest social media posts!

With loads of speculation about Sergio Perez’s future with the team as former prodigal child Daniel Ricciardo returns to the Red Bull fold with an AlphaTauri race seat, Red Bull couldn’t resist getting the fans’ tongues wagging.

Following the announcement last week that the Belgian Grand Prix will remain on the F1 calendar until at least 2025, Red Bull posted an image from 2017 of Verstappen and Ricciardo sitting together at the top of the famous Eau Rouge corner while filming a light-hearted feature for the team’s YouTube account.

That post sparked quite a reaction from fans, generating thousands of views and millions of page impressions as speculation continues over Perez’s future.

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