Lewis Hamilton and Shakira: Conflicting reports over rumoured Caribbean getaway

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are reportedly dating. June 2023

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are reportedly dating. June 2023

A report in Spain claims Lewis Hamilton and Shakira are preparing to head off on a Caribbean holiday, yet claims to counter that also exist.

While Hamilton is busy in the world of Formula 1 looking to spearhead a Mercedes return to the title scene as Red Bull continue to dominate, away from the track the rumour mill surrounding his love life continues to spin.

In recent days Hamilton was rumoured among fan circles to be dating Brazilian model Juliana Nalú, but now the romantic links to Shakira have bubbled back up.

The pair have been spotted together on several outings, and now Spanish reporter Jordi Martin, who claims to have sources close to Shakira, says the pop icon is readying for a Caribbean getaway alongside Hamilton, though the pair are “taking the relationship slow”.

“Hamilton and Shakira are planning to go on holiday together and I already know the destination,” Martin claimed.

“It’s a Caribbean country, a short trip of about an hour.

“I have people who are close to Shakira and they have been meeting this week and she has told them that she is excited and happy.”

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Eyewitnesses even told Vanitatis that “there was cuddling and they even kissed” when Shakira was at the Spanish Grand Prix apparently cheering Hamilton on.

However, a report from the Daily Mail has fully put the brakes on this rumoured Caribbean holiday, claiming the information is false and no such getaway is planned, leaving the situation pretty unclear.

‘Shakira and Lewis are just friends and have not planned any trips,’ was the clear stance from their source on the matter.

So, while Hamilton’s relationship status is far from clear right now, what is seemingly becoming very apparent is that his Mercedes team are moving closer once more to Formula 1’s dominant force Red Bull.

With Aston Martin having responded to Mercedes’ recent overhaul of their W14 challenger with a major upgrade package of their own for the Canadian Grand Prix, both ensured that victor Max Verstappen’s usual margin of dominance was greatly reduced.

He would cross the line nine-and-a-half seconds up on Fernando Alonso in the Aston Martin, while Hamilton was a further four-and-a-half seconds back.