Lewis Hamilton spying on rival cars as Verstappen issues new complaint – F1 news round-up

Lewis Hamilton during the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton puts in the laps in the W14.

One more race to go in the F1 2023 season and we’ve got you covered for all the news you may have missed.

As the European audience slowly got used to sleeping at normal times again, F1 looked forward to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with George Russell already touching down in the country.

Elsewhere, there was Hamilton’s spying admission, Max Verstappen’s latest complaint and advice for Oscar Piastri.

Lewis Hamilton reveals rival team spying

Forget Inspector Seb as there is a new sheriff in town with Hamilton revealing he often walks the grid to find some secrets.

“I take snapshots of every car,” he told Channel 4. “I saw underneath the AlphaTauri the other day and I went back and was like, ‘hey, they’ve got these things on their floor.’

“You know, you’re just trying to find everything that you can pass on, [but] they know most of the stuff anyway.”

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Max Verstappen raises time difference issues

You could do a whole round up on Verstappen’s Vegas complaints alone but his latest one came with the scheduling of the race.

As soon as the chequered flag dropped in Vegas, teams were packing up and heading across the world to Abu Dhabi for the season finale.

Verstappen believes that should not be the case.

“The timing for sure,” Verstappen told reporters in the post-race press conference when asked what changes he would like to see in Las Vegas.

“The other thing for next year maybe that is not possible, but to maybe make it a bit better travelling also to Abu Dhabi, because at the moment it’s such a big time shift that, especially at the end of the season when everyone is already a bit tired, I think it’s a little bit much.

“So maybe it would be ideal to find a different kind of date because I find that maybe we need to do more of an American tour. I know, of course, maybe for ticket sales, I don’t know if that’s ideal.

“So maybe we can find a bit of a solution there. I think the 12 hour time zone shifts and also completely different timings for racing also is… I find that a bit much.”

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Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes fetches big figure sum

If you had a spare £15 million knocking about, we are afraid to tell you you’ve missed the perfect opportunity for what to spend it on.

Hamilton’s first Mercedes car, the W4, could have been yours as the Budapest race winner went under the hammer during the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend.

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Martin Brundle’s tips for Oscar Piastri

Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle has been full of praise for McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri but he has now suggested he eases off the accelerator at times.

Brundle reckons Piastri is “getting involved in too many skirmishes” after another in Vegas.

“Oscar Piastri scored fastest lap and had a super-aggressive drive from his lowly grid position,” Brundle commented in his Sky F1 column.

“He perhaps gets involved in too many skirmishes, this time a racing incident with Hamilton, but when he adds better control and judgement to his speed given more experience, he’ll be mighty.”

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George Russell taken by surprise by Max Verstappen’s Vegas move

Russell and Verstappen came into contact in Vegas as the Red Bull driver attempted a smart move on the inside of Turn 14.

Now Mercedes technical director James Allison has revealed Verstappen caught Russell unaware.

“What he was definitely surprised by was, for him, it didn’t make sense for Max to make the play at that corner because George would have probably had him on the DRS on the following straight.

“I think George was taking on the chin the fact that he should have been more aware of Max being there.”

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