Hamilton suspects Ferrari ‘timed everyone out’

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton reckons Ferrari implemented some sneaky tactics to “time everyone out” after Charles Leclerc grabbed provisional pole on his first Q3 run.

With such a strong focus on getting a tow down the back straight to help with qualifying laps, an absolutely farcical final stage of Q3 ensued with all drivers bar Leclerc and Carlos Sainz falling short of the cut-off time to begin their laps.

The FIA are investigating the entire Q3 session, with Leclerc on pole for now and Hamilton having to settle for a P2 spot.

Hamilton suspects that Ferrari had a ploy to ensure that pole position remained theirs.

“They basically timed us out,” Hamilton told reporters back in the Monza paddock. “It’s interesting: Get pole position in the first run and then just time everyone out.

“On the out-lap it’s dangerous for us all.

“There’s people slowing down and you don’t know who is alongside you. It’s definitely risky business out there, but kind of enjoyable at the same time.

“But of course for us we’re down on the Ferraris in a straight line so we particularly need it.

“I think others also do. I think it’s with this new wing the drag is much bigger this year so everyone’s focusing on it.”

“I have to be grateful that we’re on the front row.”

Given all the chaos, Hamilton was happy to be on the front row so he can take the fight to Ferrari on Sunday.

He added:”We get to have a fight with the Ferraris tomorrow which is nice, we’ve split them. So as a team it’s a really good position for us to be in.

“It definitely is a bit of an anti-climax that we couldn’t all go out and do that last final lap, that’s one of the most exciting ones.

“But it’s crazy now with the timing we have, the system we have, where everyone backs up and tried to get a position.”

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