Hamilton: No driver wins with talent alone

Michelle Foster

Lewis Hamilton 1000th win PA

Lewis Hamilton has answered the age old question, revealing that no Formula 1 driver gets to the top with natural talent alone.

It isn’t, however, driver versus car that he is speaking about.

Rather, the six-time World Champion says natural talent will only get a driver so far, but after that it takes a lot of hard and a lot of time spent on fitness.

Speaking to Style, he asked about ‘natural talent’ versus ‘work and energy’.

He replied: “No one could be an F1 driver with just talent alone.

“Throughout the season you have to work out regularly to stay at peak fitness.

“I have to control a car that is eight times my body weight so exercise and maintenance including sleep and diet are very important.”

This season Hamilton is chasing Michael Schuamcher’s record of seven World titles as well as the German’s tally for the most wins in Formula 1.

Although many only remember that Hamilton was backed by McLaren from the age of 13, prior to that it was a difficult road into motor sport.

The Brit’s father, Anthony, funded his early exploits and there were times the money ran out.

Hamilton would returned to the kart tracks when finances were better.

He reckons those lessons taught him to never be a quitter.

“I’ve never had a quitting mindset and that’s part of the reason I’m where I am today,” he said.

“But there have been many difficult moments.

“I remember coming home from school, super excited to go karting, and my dad having to tell me that we didn’t have enough money to go that week.

“The other kids at the track didn’t have those worries.”

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