Hamilton compares UK lockdown to animal captivity

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton compares UK lockdown to animal captivity.

Lewis Hamilton compares UK lockdown to animal captivity.

Lewis Hamilton has used the current UK lockdown to draw comparisons to how animals are held captive in zoos and circuses.

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that strict measures have been put in place throughout the UK in an attempt to slow down the rate at which it’s spreading.

Residents are allowed to leave their homes only for exercise once a day, to buy essential goods, for medical reasons or to travel to and from work, but only if it isn’t possible to work from home.

Social gatherings are banned and Hamilton, who has never been shy to voice his beliefs surrounding veganism and environmental awareness, took the opportunity to compare the situation to that which animals in captivity face.

He urged his 14.9 million Instagram followers to use the lockdown as a way of relating to the animals, and therefore boycott zoos and circuses.

“If you are home on lockdown, perhaps you can feel a little of what the animals in captivity go through everyday, their entires lives stopped from them,” he wrote in his Instagram story.

“In future, please don’t go to any zoos or circuses because this is what our money goes to supporting. #nomorezoos #freedom.”

Hamilton himself has recently completed a period of self-isolation.

The six-time World Champion reported that he had “zero symptoms“, but was taking the precaution after attending a chairty event in London before he flew to Melbourne for what was set to be the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

Also at this event was actor Idris Elba and Sophie Trudeau (the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau). Both individuals later tested positive for the coronavirus.

Hamilton has been active recently in his commitments to animal welfare and protection.

In early March Wires Wildlife Rescue centre in Australia to raise awareness following the devastating wildfires that ravaged the country and its wildlife.

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