Deletraz fears for motor racing in general

Michelle Foster
Louis Deletraz

Louis Deletraz

With no races taking place and sponsors withdrawing their money, Louis Deletraz fears it could take motor sport a long time to recover.

This year Deletraz was expecting to mix his Haas test driver duties with his Formula 2 commitments.

Instead the 22-year-old Swiss racer is still at home playing on his simulator.

Both Formula 1 and Formula 2 are on an extended break as the world struggles to get on top of the ongoing health crisis.

“I am definitely worried for the sport in general, for also the economy of the sport, because we rely on a lot of sponsors and on TV rights,” Deletraz told Reuters.

“Right now, there are no TV rights, because there is no racing and sponsors also are not so keen anymore to do motor sports.

“So, it puts us in a very bad situation.

“There are worse things happening in the world, but the sport will suffer from it and I hope we can get back on our feet quite quickly.”

This season Deletraz has been re-signed by the Charouz team for F2 but admits he, along with the rest of the grid, faces an uncertain future.

Not only are teams worried that sponsors won’t return when, or if, the season finally begins, but 2021 is up in the air.

“In F2 it is obviously less budget than Formula One, we also have sponsors but the sponsors right now are not in the best shape,” he added.

“No one wants to spend money outside of themselves, which is right (due) to the crisis, so motor sports go second… so far, it looks OK, but maybe it will be more tough for the next few years.

“In motor sports you always have to do things early. Contract talks would already start right now for the next season, but we have not even yet started the 2020 season, so it makes it difficult.”

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