Lowe brushes off speculation about future

Paddy Lowe: Williams future not under threat

Paddy Lowe: Williams future not under threat

Paddy Lowe says he doesn’t have “any concerns” about his place at Williams despite speculation that he’s carrying the blame for their delayed car.

Williams missed the first two and a half days of pre-season testing as their 2019 challenger, the FW42, wasn’t ready.

With only five full days of running, the team not only finished testing with the fewest laps of anyone but they were also slowest of all.

George Russell’s best time in the second test, 1:18.130, was four-tenths down on the Grove team’s nearest rival.

This has led to whispers that Lowe’s position as the team’s Chief Technical Officer is in jeopardy.

He has downplayed this.

“I haven’t paid attention to those sorts of subjects in the media,” he told the official F1 website.

“I’m working very hard, there’s an awful lot to do.

“We’re working well as a team and at all levels in the company.

“I haven’t got any concerns on that side.”

As for the reasons the FW42 was delayed, Lowe towed the party line by refusing to go into deals.

“That is a very complicated matter and frankly I don’t even know the answer because it will take a lot of investigation and analysis.

“All I can say is two things; firstly is there won’t be a single answer or a matter of saying ‘it is that which went wrong’.

“I would say looking at it as a whole in general the thing that caught us out is the sheer quantity and complexity of parts you have to produce to make a Formula 1 car these days.”

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