Lowe confident Williams can return to glory

Paddy Lowe: Williams can restore former glory

Paddy Lowe: Williams can restore former glory

Williams chief technical officer, Paddy Lowe, has tried to paint a brighter picture following a very tough start to the 2019 campaign.

The fallen giants have continued on their downward spiral after missing the first two-and-a-half days of testing and playing catch-up ever since.

Speculation about Lowe’s future with the team has increased as a result but, facing the press in Barcelona, he is adamant that is one of many of the right people to help turn Williams’ fortunes around.

“Absolutely, but I won’t do it single handed,” Lowe told reporters.

“This is a team effort and we’ve certainly got some very strong people in the team.

“There’s a great job to be done and a great job of work and we certainly don’t underestimate the challenge there.

“We have 10 fantastic teams in the sport these days, they are all highly professional and sophisticated – that was not the case in the past in Formula 1, so I think we should celebrate that.

“But inevitably it leaves some at the front, some at the back, and some in the middle and we’ll keep moving forwards as best we can.

“But I’m confident we can do so. Given time, we can turn this team back to its days of former glory.”

Then asked whether he retains the full support of deputy team principal, Claire Williams, he replied: “Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

“The top team in Formula 1 is the most important team and I work very closely with Claire.”

“I’m working very hard, there’s an awful lot to do and we’re working well as a team,” he added later to the written press.

“Quite often the habit is to change people when things don’t work. But what I’ve also observed in Formula 1 is that the stronger teams are the ones that don’t do that.

“Every problem within a team is an opportunity to learn. When you have an issue, you take that learning and you turn it into an advantage.

“I’m not aware of any different view.”

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