Lowe: Difficult to judge 2019 front wing

Paddy Lowe: Difficult to judge 2019 front wing

Paddy Lowe: Difficult to judge 2019 front wing

Paddy Lowe admits it is difficult for Williams to judge what impact the new 2019 front wings will have on the car’s aerodynamics.

Next season Formula 1 is introducing simplier front wings, aimined at improving overtaking.

The new wing, which is wider and deeper and features less elements, was debuted at the post-Hungarian Grand Prix test.

However, technical chief Lowe concedes Williams are in the dark when it comes to realistic objectives for the development of the wing.

He told Autosport: “It’s a very good question and one that’s often brought up.

“Something that teams have said in the past is we’ll get back to where we were, but that feels completely arbitrary in itself.

“You try to pick a sensible level based on where you start.

“How accurate is that, and what difference does it make anyway, are two questions I don’t really have answers for.”

He added: “I’m sure a lot of stuff will have to be re-optimised.

“We haven’t got that far with it, we’re starting from the front at the moment and working our way back!”

He is, however, hoping that next year’s aerodynamic changes will hand Williams the perfect opportunity to bounce back from this year’s wretched campaign.

“It is quite a big change, so change is always an opportunity to do well,” he added.

“We’re very conscious of that and working very hard to be the right side of that opportunity and make some ground.

“It could be a disruption.”

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